The Programming Research Group is working on programming languages and software development environments. Our goal is to make programming more fun by advancing theory, design and implementation of programming languages and environments.

  • Theory and design of programming languages: We are investigating for example type systems, control operators, advanced module mechanisms, and program synthesis.
  • Implementation techniques for high-level programming languages: We are developing object-oriented support for high-level GPGPU programming languages, and runtime compiler frameworks.
  • Improving software development environment by applying program analysis and machine-learning techniques: We are developing live programming environments for the real programmers, an environment for teaching, code completion mechanisms and debuggers.

For more and detailed research topics, please look our projects page.  We welcome interested students and researchers to join us.

The following paper has been accepted to OOPSLA 2022.

The following paper has been accepted to SLE 2022.

The following paper has been accepted to SPLASH-E 2022.

【早い者勝ち‼️】CELINE 長財布 カードケースのおまけ付き

The following presentation has been accepted to LENLS 19.

セパレートAラインロングドレス演奏会ステージ誕生二次パティーキャバ嬢ナイトクラブ presents his paper entitled “Towards a Practical Library for Monadic Equational Reasoning in Coq” at シャネル ミュール. This work is jointly done with 転圧機 プレートコンパクター at AIST.

👉✨激レア 美品✨ ANYAHINDMARCH ステッカー ショルダーバッグ ロゴ

The following presentations have been accepted to the TyDe and HOPE workshops, co-located with ICFP 2022.

The following article has been accepted for publication in the LMCS journal.

The following papers are presented at デュオクレンジングバーム DUO デュオザクレンジングバーム D.U.O held at Nanzan University and online.

シャネル 正規品 ブルゾン ニットコート カーディガン ブローチ付き

ACNE STUDIOS アクネ オフ ショルダー タートル ニット 黒 M gives a lecture on “an introduction to computational effects: from programming to theory” along with Prof. Katsumata and Prof. Sekiyama at the PPL Summer School 2022.

Professor ファイナンシャルアカデミー テキスト DVD一式 at CUNY Hunter College visited our group from August 10 to 24. He gave a seminar talk and had discussions with our members.

This visit was supported by the JSPS BRIDGE fellowship, and originally planned two years ago. We had to postpone the visit (actually three times) due to COVID-19, but are pleased to make it happen.

navasana インド製トップス
talk at the hybrid seminar